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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i was pretty shock. >> a plan makes shocking discovery, child's casket lying on a north philadelphia sidewalk. unexpected and disturbing thing officers found when he looked inside. and intense fire fight overnight as 100 year old home burns to the ground in delaware county. the reason this two alarm fire is creating a headache for some neighbors. >> and, celebrations for america's birthday. taking place all over the delaware valley. we will tell you how you can get in on the fun. >> and of course, today is tuesday, july 4th, 2017. and independence day, good morning, i'm rahel solomon.
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>> i'm jim donovan in for jim donovan. keeping things on this quiet morning so far. >> it really is quiet. just dealing with closures out there, katie, nice dry roadways, overall things looking really good. looking quiet today, tomorrow. >> here's hoping a lot of people do have to go to work tomorrow, might be one of those crafty situations, definately look ahead to pretty decent day. take a look, storm scan3, we do have one cluster every rain, experts say right now, really kind of between parts every i08 and 81, so, about ready to hit some of that farm country, just outside the bucks county area, into the lehigh valley you'll run into this as well over the next hour and a half, but all just a predecessor of the kind of wet their we will find throughout the day, with frontal boundary just draped nearby to our south. possibility remains, that at any point you can see spotty shower or thunderstorm ignite specially in the southern half of the region specially later on today. seventy-six the current temperature meanwhile at
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philadelphia international airport. appropriate number, given the day, right? 72 degrees in trenton, 73 atlantic city, now that the sun's up, even though we do still have some clouds out there, i doubt that we are going to bottom up more than this, very warm start to the day, 87 degrees, the call right now for philly, basically exactly where we should be, i don't want you to let the thunderstorm icons scare you offer. generally sun to work w specially the mountains, looks quite night. later today could be one every these isolated showers or storms that pops up. it is certainly not enough to cancel any outdoor plans shall meisha, but you might find yourself going out to independence mall, shelter just for brief periods of time. >> i love when you stay about the icons, whenever i see them, i go -- >> i know! >> all right, katie, thank you so much. well, very good morning, and happy fourth of july to all of you, looking at the talcony palmyra bridge, going up right now, so, hopefully that that will come down soon, scheduled to go up around 6:00. so it is right on q. also in the worlds of mass transit, couple of things
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here, septa running holiday schedule, sunday schedule, also, just reminder, increased fares are now in effect, new jersey transit, also running holiday schedules, more to come in the next ten minute, over to you. >> state off initials new jersey say it is a good day for residents there. that's after lawmakers finally reach a budget agreement, putting an end to a state government shutdown. >> announced late last night sippled g three day old. failed to pass budget by the july 1st deadline. governor chris christie signed a deal overnight and order the state beaches and parks to be reopened. everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday without having to be concerned about this. >> the governor fired back at those criticizing this photo taken sunday, showing him lounging on a closed state beach with his family.
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>> no job, this one or nip other, more important to me than my relationship with my wife, and my relates slip with my kids. >> and, you know, shame on those people who wanted to make this as if we were taking advantage of something. just don't agree it, i don't believe it. >> and i quite frankly this is who i am. and i've never pretended to be anything else. >> well, after signing the budget, christie said woe return to that same governor's beach residence in island state park. >> well, new this morning, fire destroys 100 year old home in delaware county, flames tore through it on bonn sal avenue in olden just before 2:00 this morning. neighbors tell cbs-3 the home has been vacant for some time, and work on the property stopped recently. the flames forced neighbors to evacuate their homes. there were no injuries, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. well, police finds what they describe to be an
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infant's casket on a philadelphia sidewalk. what's inside the casket, has only spark more. >> trang do working the story all morning long, as she joins us live from north philadelphia, now, trang, good morning. what do we know now? >> reporter: well, good morning, rahel and joe. this casket was found right across the street from a cemetery, but is still unclear where it came from. even more disturbing, though, police did not finds a body inside this casket. what they found was a bag of human organs right here on this north philadelphia street. >> i was pretty shocked. it look like something straight out of a thriller. >> chris james couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the small white casket lying along the 3100 block of west deerfield street just after 9:00 p.m. monday. >> we didn't want to open it. we didn't know what was inside. we didn't know toxic waste could be in there, anything, or it could be an animal. >> officers arrived and made even more gruesome discovery. they opened the casket to find bag of organs inside. >> according to the medical examiner, were, in fact, human
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organs, they believed they belonged to an infant, or a child, which is unusual is inside the coffin, other than the bag of organs, there was no body. >> chief inspect store scott small described the casket as fresh, and recently pried it open. they are looking into whether it was stole friend area funeral home or dug up from a cemetery. including mount vernon, directly across the street from where people found the casket. among the many scrolling questions, why? >> there have been cases where people take remains, or human bodies, for whatever unusual reasons, they decide, but we will look into that. >> police plan to have cadaver dogs search the area as well as another cemetery about a mile away from here, meanwhile, the med examiner's offers, they're helping police with this unusual
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investigation. for now live in north philadelphia. i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," joe, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. police are investigating a stabbing at strawberry mansion critically injured a man. happened 2500 block of north stanley street before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. officers found a man lying in the street with several stab wounds in his chest. "eyewitness news" told police the suspect ran into a house on the block, a team got into the house, arrested the man, right now they're questioning him. >> and, some embarrassing video down the shore, going viral this morning. this video posted to facebook yesterday shows the scene on the north end of brigantine. people on the beach tell us the driver was launching a wave run her he apparently back in little too far. eventually a tow truck had to come along and save the truck from being swallowed up by the sea. definitely not something you see every day on the beach. >> the tides do sneak up on you there. >> well, folks will party along the ben franklin parkway tonight, with some very special guests.
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superstar marry j blige and philly's own boyz ii men set to perform at the party on the parkway. patriotic event kicks off at noon after the independence day parade. guests can enjoy five blocks of free entertainment, food, and fun for the whole family. >> well, also happening today, the independence day parade. this is video from last year's celebration. the parade begins at chestnut and fifth streets, right by independence hall. it will stretch down ninth street, head back toward penn's landing, along market. the parade steps off at 11:00 this morning. >> and another july 4th tradition. today, the ceremonial tapping of the liberty bell. this is video again from last year, now this year the people who will is her moan justly tap the bell will be descendents of the signers of declaration every independence, the ceremony taking place at 2:00 this afternoon. >> and those aren't the only things happening today. to celebrate america's birthday, here are the other events today, part of wawa
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welcome america. the national museum of american jewish history, and the philadelphia history museum are having free museum day. celebration of freedom ceremony taking place at independence hall at 10:00. tonight two fireworks displays to choose from, one it shows that the delaware river, the other one is happening at the ben franklin parkway. both shows start at 9:30 tonight. >> lots to do. should be fun. >> citizens will be taking the oath at several historic sites around our area this independence day. the sites include the liberty bell center, betsy ross house and the battleship new jersey. even be a special citizenship ceremony for young citizens. the u.s. citizen ship and i am graduation service will welcome nearly 15,000 new us citizens today, more than 65 independence day theme ceremonies across the country. >> and thousands of folks are visivisiting philly today they celebrate the fourth of july. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> "eyewitness news" at the philly pops concert last night, just feet from the doors of independence hall. the 65 piece philadelphia pops got the crowd into a roaring holiday spirit. broadway philadelphia also perform music from phantom of the opera. the concert has become a patriotic tradition for the city where it all began. >> we're all one nation. we're one group of people that really need to be together. >> my whole married life i lived in new york, and and i -i moved back here eight years ago, no place like philadelphia. >> and we agree. there are tons, tons of other festivities planned throughout the city, including fireworks along the parkway, as we've mentioned, again, on the parkway, and at the delaware river waterfront, it starts at 9:30. >> and joe speaking of fireworks, people in haddon township new jersey celebrated the fourth of july last night. but they're happy birthday america fireworks display, the event kicked off with a live music at the high school's football field.
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their annual parade kicks off at the corner of kings highway, chestnut street this morning at 10:00 a.m. and, philadelphia city offices and services are closed today, for the july 4th holiday. so, if your normal trash collection day is today, you can put out materials for collection tomorrow. trash and recycling clinic remains a day behind all week long, municipal courts, how much, will remain open. and coming up this morning, evacuations underway in arizona. >> crews struggle to get a wild fire under control. the two factors, making things tough for those firefighters. and a car goes for a dip in a colorado pool. what went wrong inside the car that led to this mess. we will be right back.
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(this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger, pat gallen, and meisha johnson. (. >> welcome back, north korea launching, long-range capability, posted no threat. president trump tweeted hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer, in another tweet he urged china to put heavy move and north korea, ends this nonsense once and for all. had urged north korea not to go through with it. >> a he will everly woman is expected to be okay waiving drive her car straight into a swimming pool at a colorado resort. the woman we're told in her 70s, apparently told the police the brakes did not work. they suspect she had began instead. investigators say the car went up a hill, hit a fence, went
6:16 am
airborne, then landed into the pool. a neighbor saw it happen. jumped in that pool, pulled the woman to safety. >> high temperatures and low humidity are fueling a wild fire burning out of control in arizona. the borough fire has burned about 14,000 acres, crews are using air tankers to drop fire retardant on the dry bush in hard it reach areas. officials say the fire is 0 percent contained, in their words, and two remote communities have been evacuated. so far no word what sparked the fire. >> 0 percent contain. >> oh, that's so unfortunate. hopefully able to get that situation un control, right? >> absoluteliment back here at home, still talking heat. apparently not as hot as yesterday. apparently yesterday really hot. >> i know, joe likes, doing harmless flirtation. >> dow. >> with 90 degrees here. i think we're generally talking pretty typical summer day for the temper climate we live in. our normal high on this
6:17 am
particular day of the year about 87. that's where i think we hit. we may be little under done for some of you, where you get enough sunshine, but, here is the thing, you had frontal boundery cross through yesterday. still hasn't quite cleared. not going to clear, throughout the course of the day today, so few showers, rolling through parts of central pennsylvania, basically, just headed straight east. but south of i80, so parts of poconos, parts of lehigh valley for example, you might get hit with quick shower along the way, generally the activity in the afternoon has a lot of the barbeques, displays, about to get underway, looks like any showers or storms would be scattered, isolated but generally in the southern half of our region. see whether we take a look at future weather. we go there next, mover it through the next couple of hours again, northern territories may ends up with a shower, along the way. but as the day progresses, brighten up more and more sunshine. then southern half of that becomes a problem. and problem again, is a relative term. i don't think again you are talking about much more than anything being very, very scattered, in terms of showers. the timing, may not be completely ideal. welcome america just getting
6:18 am
underway at 7:00. there could be a shower, light one, granted, and scat nerds nature, but right over the ben franklin parkway. so maybe one of those just in case umbrellas wouldn't be the worse idea to pack along with you if you plan to be out. but this will not be all day or all night event. outside we go to pleasant valley, middle high school. schooling is out of sessionment beautiful shot off in the distance, mountains, and 64 degrees, current temperature there, your wind flow notice out of the northeast in the wake of that frontal boundary, which is just off to the south. right now, elsewhere, your dew points are starting to feel so much steamy, certainly at the shore, dew .68 degrees, temperatures off to really warm start. so not going to have any problem rebounding very easily into the upper 80s in philadelphia, but what would you expect foreign dependence day, right where we should be. 87 degrees, some sun, couple of clouds, spotty shower, thunder storm, that is sumner philly, for example, certainly will be a very typical day that said. so on the parkway tonight, we had mentioned, talking right around the cusp of the 70s at 7:00 p.m., the sun will just be dropping over the horizon,
6:19 am
but watch for stray showers, thunder showers, next few days, though new system that emerges, and by thursday the warmfront lifting in with. that will so some spotty showers, storms, and friday, meisha, looks like it would be the most wet day of the pack, also unsettled, more showers and storms in the forecast. >> all right, so friday, kind of both. thank you so much, katie. very good morning, happy fourth every july. if you guys are just waking up with us, so glad you're here, grabbing the first cup of coffee. i want to let you know road closures, vine east and westbound ramps ben prank lynn, spring garden street, and spring garden street at art museum. but, we have eight good morning some festive tis going on clearly, welcome america concert and fireworks, and like we just said, ben franklin parkway closed through wednesday morning, we will be talking about more fest tifs tis coming up in just a little bit. rahel, joe, back to you. >> thank you, night military dad and his friends will never forget. >> special message, mom had overseas for her family, and surprise, from the phyllis. >> and new jersey celebrating
6:20 am
independence day, here are the details of tonight's free concert and fireworks. you're watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news," this morning.
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welcome back, we look ahead to weekend right now that features clearing skies, and all-in-all, i think, you can expect some pretty nice weather, sunday looking very, very nice, as we see system get out of here. but with that said, the warmth is still the projected mid 80s for daytime highs, guys? >> all right, katie, thank you. and now, for a look at newspaper headlines. >> from the intelligencer, the memorial wall is stopping in penndel july 14 through the 16th.
6:24 am
memorial 300 feet long, has the makes every al thousand service members, who died in the viet nam war. a big part of the memorial is helping people understands the sacrifices made by us soldiers during the unpopular conflict. >> from the philadelphia inquirer, former candidate for philadelphia district attorney, seeking to be interim district attorney. seth williams stepped down after pleading guilty to federal bribery charge. still has six months in his term. has the support of former governor ed rendell. >> from the news journal delaware is refusing to hand over voter veg station data to the federal government. now the federal request comes from the presidential advisory commission, on election integrity. which is probing. president trump unfounded allegation of election fraud in 2016. delaware secretary of state calls the request disingenuous, and inapropriate. >> that's a a look at the headlines around the delaware val. >> i military father and his children get a surprise miles away out at a philadelphia
6:25 am
phillies game. >> that would be us sergeant, us air force sergeant on the scoreboard, her husband, air force veteran, and her children love while deployed. also presented the family with mice jerseys, and today the phillies will all wear stars and stripes in honor of us veterans and service members. >> pretty cool. >> love those stories. can't get enough of them. >> and coming up: new jersey shutdown is over. >> the late night deal lawmakers reached with governor chris christie zero open the garden state parks, for business, on this independence day. >> and perhaps no surprise. holidays are a busy time for new york city finest. how the nypd is working to secure the ship that will be putting on fireworks show tonight making it safe. we will be right
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> and i'm joe holden. jim donovan has the morning off. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute today, tuesday, july the fourth, 2017. >> huge flames destroy a 100 year old home in delaware county. philadelphia police are left with a bizarre mystery this morning. overnight, they found what they describe as an infant's casket. >> even more disturb wag police found inside this casket. not a body, but a bag of human organs, right here, on the north philadelphia street. >> i'll signed the budget tonight. >> beach fun, and back on, in new jersey there is independence day. >> we opened the state of new jersey again. >> governor chris christie signed the state's budget overnight.
6:30 am
>> the philly pops struck a cord performing at the birth place of independence. >> no place like philadelphia. >> ♪ >> ♪ philadelphia freedom ♪ ♪ i love you ♪ yes i do ♪ >> how about those impressive shots from cbs-3 photo john list, happy fourth of july, everybody. >> happy fourth of july. did you see that, philly pops last night? so intense. >> intense. >> yes. >> let's sends it out to katie. might think this weather has been pretty intense, yesterday down right hot. >> definitely hot. it is summer. i think this is what we all sort of expectment temperatures certainly few degrees above average. you're right, feels at least we didn't have too much humidity to contend with, there was a front crossing through, however, during the course of the day, that front has gotten itself stuck, so, in short, still find wet weather in the forecast today,
6:31 am
dow think generally speaking you're going to be able to get in your outdoor plans, what you notice, though, what you're going to find on the radar at any given point. right now, actually, just outside of lehigh valley berks county area, little batch of rain showers, it will be working its way east in the next condition l of hours, certainly warm, 76 degrees, here in philadelphia, right now, very warm start to the morning. but eventually, with time, we will have no problem heating up to 87 degrees, with some sun for the most part, just watch for a spotty shower, thunderstorm, specially second half of the day from philly on south. that said, headed to fireworks, as so many people are, generally speaking, i think we will get that in. much more on the forecast later on, guys? >> katie, thank you. and, law makers in new jersey have finally reached a deal, ending their partial state government shutdown. >> cbs core upon dent hena daniels live in new york with more on new jersey's budget deal, what this means this fourth of july holiday. hena, good morning.
6:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, joe, rahel. the assembly and senate passed the budget early tuesday morning in new jersey. the deal includes more than $300 million in democratic spending priorities, and overhauls, the largest health insurer, something governor christie wanted. >> the vp has been order by me that allstate parks open. >> new jersey governor chris christie declared state run parks and beaches open foreign dependence day, moments, after he and democratic lawmakers finally came to an agreement on a new state budget. governor tweeted this photo of himself signing the deal overnight. add that he delivered two full terms every unprecedented pension stability, fiscal responsibility, and tax relief. >> it is a great day for the resident of the state of new jersey, i wish we had done this on friday. the best budget we've seen in ten years. >> led to partial three day government shutdown, shutting
6:33 am
all non-essential services including government offices and beaches. lawmakers say the new $34.7 billion budget includes key plans to overhaul new jersey's largest health insurer. >> half the legislative chose tonight the idea we presented in february, all of our citizens, particularly under served, will be taken care of. >> new jersey budget woes garnered national attention after governor christie photographed sunbathe withing his family on one of the stretches of coastline that was closed. >> how do you explain how his house stays open and the rest of the beach is closed? >> i don't apologize for it, i don't back away from if. >> the state one of nine that hadn't passed a budget headed into the holiday weekends. another, maine, also managed a last minute compromise overnight. >> the sticking point in maine, was the governor's refusal to sign an agreement that raised taxes on resident. thousands of furlough state
6:34 am
workers are expected to be back at work tomorrow. back to you. >> hena daniels live in new york, thank you very much for that report. >> new this morning, an intense fire destroys century old home in aldan, delaware county. full-on blaze swept through the home of gone. , the home was unoccupied, and was recently being restored. flames also damage add neighboring home. those residents were forced to spend the night elsewhere. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and police are faced with a mystery after they find an infant's casket on north philadelphia sidewalk. an eyewitness found the casket overnight near mount vernon cemetery and alert dollars officers, and inside the casket police found what they believe to go a bag of human ores ands with no body, no idea how it ended up there. one man who walked by the casket clearly shocked by the discovery. >> we didn't want to open t we didn't know what was inside. we didn't know, toxic waste to be in there, anything. >> the lid to the coffin appeared to have been pried
6:35 am
open. the screws were freshly appeared to be lose ends. >> a medical examiners office now has the casket and the organs for further investigation. police are checking with funeral homes, as well, they plan to have kad daffer dogs search for freshly dug up graves. >> man who shot a teenager set to appear in court. david desper, set to face first and third agree murders of 18 jerold bianca roberson. they say desper shot roberson after both drivers tried to merge into the same lane on route 100 in west goshen chester county last wednesday. desper right now is being held without bail. >> police have arrested one of the teens they say committed several violent armed robberies in upper darby township. authorities have named 16 year old mckey and 17 year old martinez, as the suspect, they're accused of robbing two cab drivers at gunpoint within
6:36 am
hours of each other near 69th street. late later on pen road the pair allegedly stole $1,000 from two women, one of them, 86 years old. police have taken mckee into custody. they're charging her as an adult. >> how do you get into the head after 16 year old, i mean, she is a baby, committing adult crimes. >> police are continuing to search for martinez, in the meantime, two anonymous donors we're told have come forward giving the women's two victims $2,000. >> july 4th busy day for the waterways of new york city and police have a special team keeping an eye out. the nypd hand bore aoun sit responsible for making sure the fireworks show runs smoothly along list of other responsibility. fireworks are launched from barges in the east river. police captain explains how they keep such a close watch on those barges, leading up to the show. >> all of the divers will scan
6:37 am
the entire perimeter, the under side of bargement once we dive it, this, one every these launches, will stay with it 24-seven until the day of the event woe we know it wasn't tam pedestrians with. >> how about this, nypd uses under water drones to detect potential threat. i didn't even know that was a thing. >> pretty cool. >> marks the 41st year of the macy's fireworks show. back here at home, one of our areas, july 4th activities gets underway in just a few hours. >> annual soap box -- any conshohocken. our pat gallen is checking out the scene as they get ready to roll. hey, pat? report good morning, guys. yes, celebrations happening throughout the delaware valley here on the fourth of july. one that has endured decades in our area, right here in conshohocken, the all american soap box derby. so we are here in the community center, where they have all of the cars set up, getting ready for the start at 9:00 a.m. this is mark, the man responsible for this whole thing. hey, mark, how are you? >> morning. >> tell us a little bit about what goes on here. >> we have three different
6:38 am
divisions, the stock division, which starts at seven years old to up 13. each kid in the car got it way 200 pounds, our next, super stock division, that runs from 10:00 to 18 years old. wait class, 240 pounds. and the ones behind us here, the mass division, which i'm proud to say, finally got a bat. that's 255 pounds. >> that's with the person in it and the car -- >> with the child in it and the car. they all have to way the same for each division, makes it more fair. >> so, this has been going on for a long time here in conshohocken, 1951? >> yes, our 66th year. we've been running continuously for that long, and we've got some good, good chance, world championships, i know we had a sixth, and a couple third, i think. >> came pretty close. pretty awesome. sews thee cars, i'm guessing, go pretty fast down the hill? o5 to 30 miles an hour.
6:39 am
actually have it clocked with a speed gun. they're moving. not real steep hill but fast enough. >> mark seems like it will be a pretty awesome day. >> i can't wait. >> mark thank you so much. appreciate the time. soap box derby out here in conshohocken will be a great start to 9:00 a.m. >> around there. >> starts 9:00 a.m., fayette street, come on out. check it out. going on since 1951. some awesome stuff out here. joe, rahel, can we get you guys in a soap boxcar? >> ya, that would be a site to see. i think i prefer to watch on the side lines. >> yes. >> a lot of action. >> your man for the challenge, though, up for this test. >> i'm going to try to get in one, yes, not break my neck. but i think i could, yes. >> we will be waiting with bated breath. >> pat gallen live in conshohocken, thanks, guys. and there is nothing better than cooling off on a hot summer day. >> course. >> and the philadelphia's tall ship restaurant, the mow show lou, has patria chef, what's
6:40 am
inside, and how long will it be around? >> i don't know what's inside. but it looks pretty good, joe. and doctor rob is here, he tells us which foods you should pass for your picnic or barbeque to keep you healthy and hydrated. do you think that is healthy? >> yes, yes, no question about it. and how about a look at some of the fireworks shows taking place tonight in south jersey? you are watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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eeep up just thinking about t, get a cleaner with bleiped witha >> today we celebrate our independence day. (cheers). >> how about that, classic scene from will smith's independence day, which if you believe it, owned in theatres 21 years ago.
6:44 am
>> i find that very hard to believe. but joe, you're a trustworthy man, so -- >> well, we're on the topic here every independence day, what better than patriotic milk shake to celebrate. >> indeed, the moshulu lou, chef created? crazy milk shake. that crazy milk shake, it is deng rated when white frosting, katie fehlinger a fan over there. also had some red and blue m and m's. >> this is our july shake. so it is sort of july's fourth every july-inspired. this one will be red, white and blue berry. blue berry shake, blue berry pie, vanilla ice cream. almond and ginger instruments he will. to make it really festive, a sparkler. >> awe. >> listen sheik me at milk shake, that's something to see. this patriotic milk shake is definitely big enough for two. joe holden we can share, and the deck of the moshulu lou will serve it throughout july.
6:45 am
>> what do you think, enough for two there? >> oh, what, you're holding it for yourself? >> well, i mean it, looks delicious. >> i can definitely eat the whole thing. >> keep going, right. >> but, sharing is caring, katie. >> it was very large. it certainly was. i feel like we could probably split it and be just fine. >> yes, right, kate. >> i today would be good day to having anything indeed cold like a milk shake. >> definitely, have some ice cream, whatever you are going to do, tis the season, right? we will find temperatures warm enough that you will want some reason to cool off. so, whether you are hitting a pool party, or going to be going to the beach, really looking all-in-all like some very great weather for. that will our eyewitness weather watch ers, few more many them since the last hour, a lot are off today. thanks again to you guys for waking up early with us, and in the first place, but also taking time to send out these observations. we really do appreciate t let's take you into handful of them. start things off, see go on up to 71 degrees, comes in from john jenkins this morning, finding few clouds overhead, warm start at 71 degrees.
6:46 am
to another one, 71, comes in, as well, from bill laden for the most part just finding cloud cover out there. very light wind, but he does note that the dew point is starting to creep up at six a right now. so, we go to just one more, see, go to this guy, 69 degrees from robert stewart this morning, yes, i recall, as i was setting this up, he had me chuckle, i feel sort of bad now, that i chuckled about it, but it is one of those things, where the weather sometimes can tell your body what is going to happen, vice verse, a your bod can i tell you what the weather will be like, because he said his knee joints were telling him rain is on the way. doctor rob in the studio, nodding his head, yes shall pressure definitely has impact on that. hoping you feel well through your fourth of july. take a look storm scan three frontal boundery dropping through here, getting stuck nearby, so it will allow we still see shower, thunderstorm at some point throughout the day, pocket of rain actually right now working it way toward the lehigh valley and the poconos, but mainly anything that fires up today, will happen from the city on south.
6:47 am
mainly into the afternoon and evening, meantime, it is toasty. it is where it should be, 87 degrees hi, with the spotty shower or thunderstorm, and that is telling him is on the way, definitely find that out there. so, for the fireworks, other than stray shower perhaps, rumble every thunder, all is well. you should get those in without any major problems, we will be in the upper 70s at about the time that most of the displays are getting underway. very quick, seven day, looking ahead to system moving in thursday, friday, best chance for showers and renewed thunderstorms, meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much for all of that great information. and happy fourth. tanks to you, camera shots, i just want to pull your attention, how nice it is looking today, looking at the schuylkill, around montgomery, blue route, at route one. ninety-five, you can see, around girard, you will have to pack those sunglasses for those every how are going out there. but, enjoy those open roadways, we certainly have them today. and what is blocked, though, the vine east and westbound ramps, ben franklin parkway, we also have the schuylkill
6:48 am
eastbound ramps to spring garden street. and spring garden street the at the art museum, off to the right, you can see the squad car sitting there blocking the ramp there. and for all of those festivities going on today, just going to have to be dealing with that. well wawa welcome america fireworks cents because of that obviously talking about this, the ben franklin parkway closed, this will by the way be closed through wednesday, around wednesday, a.m., maybe around 8:00 a.m. see what happens, joe, over to you. >> meisha, if only all days could be like today. how about? >> yes. >> no matter how you plan to spend the holiday food is usually part of the fun and picking the right foods can make a big difference. doctor rob, here with rahel this morning, and he has the ways you can pick the right food for everything, from staying hydrated to avoid feeling bloated. >> very important, joe. >> i saw that word coming up in the prompter. >> very important, bikini season, so got to stay good. doctor rob here, doctor rob, always good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> on this holiday, so let's talk first about how to stay hydrated. so, always hear about water
6:49 am
being drinking water, what about the foods beneath. >> you know, when katie says high heat, humidity, weaver to protect ourselves, keep our cooling levels good. you know a fifth of all fluid we get comes from foods we eat. >> i didn't knee. >> so, here is the benefit f we eat water dense food, it not only keeps us hydrate but helps keep us fool and lose weight. >> so, watermellon. it is over 09% water. like 95%. it tastes good there is will help keep us cool during the summer and how about little salad with some grapes? lettuce over 95% water. and cucumbers, believe it or not, that can keep us hydrated, great to have in a salad. so by eating this, and having seasoned games, lyle lick packet of watt letter help keep us cool and refreshed during the beach days, hot days, or on hikes, so really good. >> so cue cup bus not only good to put on your eyes but also good to eat? >> great to eat. keeps you us hydrated. >> it is beach season.
6:50 am
ladies and men don't want to be at the beach and be too bloated, so foods to combat bloating? >> specially us guys, would hold in our bull he is, we load up on carbs before hands. in orders to get rid of the bloat, gas and inflammation watch can we have? also food retention. stay away from fast-food on beach days all of that sodium. we bloat outment bananas work well, high in potassium, and holly due, balances out the sodium, we can get rid, less bloat, less gas, and drinking water but add lemon. lemon has some anti-inflammatory, like mild diuretic, get rid of the extra fluid that we have. so between these three, we're going to be looking really sharp on that beach to get rid of the puff err fish look. >> all right, i'm taking notes, doctor rob, all right. so a lot of people barbeque today of course, july 4th, so what are some things to keep in mind as far as just grilling, and just keeping the foods safe? >> basic, first, keep food
6:51 am
cold, cold. in the coolers have a thermometer. 40 degrees or below. what i do i freeze water bottles, and i put it in the little ice coolers to keep the meat cold. then when we heat it has to be heated correctly, at least 160 or 165 degrees, if it is chicken, we always check it with meat thermometer, put it in there, to make sure that is safe. these public grills can be good, but they can also be very dirty. so use a pan, put your food in one of those pans on top of the grill. that's really really important. and of course, once the food is out, how long can i leave it out? whether it will be 09 degrees or more, an hour at the most, then put it in the fridge or the cooler, or just throw it out. >> doctor rob, as always, good tips. >> have a great fourth. >> thank you, same to you. joe, were you listen? >> i was. >> honey do? >> bloating, yes. >> oh, i know what is happening. >> i'll take the water mel on. >> no question, doctor rob. >> thank you. >> well, it is now 6:51. this morning, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning.
6:52 am
jeff joins us live from new york with a preview. hi, jeff. >> reporter: ahead, north korea overnight claims successfully tested it first inter-continental balistic missile. we will talk about the threat. and the impact on us china relations. plus, cnet tim stevens on the way, tezsla for mass market electric car could shake up the auto industry. george washington didn't sign the declaration every independence, who really came up with the design for the american flag. kenneth davis is in studio 57 with inside into our founding fathers on this fourth of july. all that, plus the eye opener, your world in 90 seconds, we will see you at seven: >> yes looking forwards to it, thank you. we all know fireworks are part of the fourth every july, as festive as they are, fireworks, many of us know, are very dangerous, experts for triple a say when using fireworks make sure they're legal where you live. those expert say non-aerial fireworks should be detonated on hard flat surface far from
6:53 am
home, cars, bushes and trees. >> once that fireworks is detonated, you want to make sure that you wait at least 20 minutes. then, hose off those fireworks. hose off the renmant of the fireworks. and then any pieces that are left, you want to soak in a bucket of water. >> and triple a says more fires are reported in the u.s. on the fourth every july than any other day, and fireworks, account for more than half of those blazes. now, here are some other things to keep in mind. from red cross philly, if you're lighting fireworks, make sure eye ' wearing eye protection, light only one fireworks at a time. and never re-light a dud. >> well, it was a star studded dress rehearsal last night in washington, d.c., as performers for the annual capitol fourth got ready to go. >> ♪ home of the brave ♪ >> beautiful there. performers rehearsed last night as we just heard there, after john stamos, he is
6:54 am
looking good on the drums, there hosting the event. celebrations will be jam packed with more stellar performances, and get there is even r2 d2, and will stop by. celebration kicks off tonight. are you excited, jim? >> i am. look at those two, looking good. >> and we will be right back with three to go. >> but first, lower southampton township celebrating the fourth with a parade. here are the details. you're watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning.
6:55 am
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>> welcome back, here is three to go. >> philadelphia police trying to solve the mystery surrounding the discovery of infant's casket, founded on the sidewalk, along the 3100 block every west deerfield street. >> new jersey state parks and beaches are re-opening after governor chris christie signed a new budget. the legislature passed the 35 billion-dollar spending plan, after a shutdown, that lasted three days. >> and america is throwing a birthday party for the fourth every july. for complete list of fireworks on our website cbs philly dot many come. that's three to go. >> last check on weather and the roadways, which i suspect are very quiet? >> yes, and don't you love it on holidays? because yes, always quiet for
6:59 am
folks trying to travel if they do have to work, we do have welcome america, i know that's traffic issues, but generally i don't think will cause any problem tonight, weather wise maybe stray shower. >> looking outside, you guys, look at this, down the shore, state parkway, greg egg hill plaza. yikes. enjoy those open roadways where you have them. >> well eagles are getting ready this morning for the annual nathan's famous hotdog eating con tells. before they eat every competitor has to be weighing? >> rules are rules. joey chestnut faces challenger matt stoney, at yesterday's way in, last night chestnut put away 70 hotdogs in just ten minutes. for the women returning champ nickly try to cap her last year of 38 and a half dogs. >> impressed. >> the july 4th competition happens on coney island, joe holden, next on cbs this morning, the new effort to crackdown on the annoying robo calls. >> how about it. remember to join us each
7:00 am
weekday morning here on cbs-3, nora o'donnell. norah o'donnell. gail charlie gail gayle gayle. it is tuesday, july 4th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. north korea claims it's conducted its first successful test of a missile capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. and in a late night tweet president trump called on china to stop the threat once and for all and asked whether kim jong un had anything better to do with his life. and a car that could shake up the auto industry. and how robo callers are using your number to sell their products. >> and a look at today's eye opener.


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